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Fondis Ulys 700 Inset Stove

Fondis Ulys 700 Inset Stove – The Ulys 700 is a luxury insert stove that can give up to 13.5kW of heat.

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The Ulys 700 is a luxury insert stove that can give up to 13.5kW of heat. It has a large flat window with glass that extends to the edge of the door frame, and the door opens by sliding up and into the wall. Internally a clever fire chamber design helps the Ulys 700 achieve efficiencies of 79% when burning wood. With the Zero CO catalyst fitted, the efficiency increases to 81% and CO levels drastically drop, as do particulates.

Air ducts on top of the Ulys 700 allow hot air to be ducted to other rooms in the house.

There is the ability to connect to an external air duct to supply the combustion air.

The BBC version is well suited to low-energy houses.

Sliding door

The door slides smoothly up into the wall and out of sight to open, giving an exceptional view of the flames (and the ability to use the stove as an open fire). Notice that there is no wobble in the movement and yet you can slide the door up with just one finger.
You get a good feel for the quality of our stoves by using the door, just as you can with a car. That reassuring weight, a smooth sure action. As the door reaches the very end of its run notice that there is a slight move inwards makes the seal with the main body of the stove. This avoids unnecessary friction which would hinder the action of the door and wear out the fire rope.


Easy to use

A single elegant lever gives precision control over the burn rate.


  • Height: 1418mm
  • Width: 789mm
  • Depth: 644mm
  • Flue Diameter: 200mm
  • Fuel: Woodburning only
  • Nominal Heat Output: 10.6kW
  • Efficiency: 79%